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The Spray & Sprout is a dynamic hose attachment that allows elderly native nursery volunteers to accurately and effectively water young, delicate seedlings. Current watering devices cause fragile seedlings to "fall over" affecting the survival and growth rates. This research driven and user tested product delivers water to the base of seedlings, providing a good soaking without knocking them over.

The seedlings produced by Australian native nurseries play a fundamental role in restoring the country’s ecosystems and combating climate change. The Spray & Sprout is an ergonomic and affordable design solution which aims to aid the important practices of Australian native nurseries by increasing the effectiveness of the watering process.

The Spray & Sprout hose attachment is a dynamic watering solution that allows native nursery practitioners to accurately water young delicate seedlings. Primary and secondary research highlighted that conventional watering methods such as hoses and watering cans caused fragile seedlings to “fall over.” This hose attachment comfortably allows predominately elderly users to easily water the base of the seedlings, providing a good soaking without knocking them over.

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Research Driven Design

A comprehensive study was conducted into improving Australian native nursery plant production. This research highlighted an issue within the plant production process which presented an opportunity for design intervention. Engaging with experienced and knowledgeable practitioners resulted in a rich data set which informed the design direction. The research participants played a crucial role throughout the design development process from concept validation to user testing.

A comprehensive understanding of the users and their needs was fundamental to establishing the design scope and validating the solution. Extensive primary and secondary research was conducted throughout the design development process and thorough user testing was conducted with experienced native nursery practitioners to resolve and validate design details.


3 Key Components

The device is comprised of three key components that easily attach to create a dynamic watering solution. This product meets a very specific watering need, however, the universal handle can be connected to an array of alternative head attachments. These various attachments meet a variety of watering needs whilst utilising the ergonomically designed and tested handle.

Additional Features

Product Family

As previously mentioned, the universal handle can be connected to a variety of head attachments, each designed for a specific watering need. As a result the Spray & Sprout appeals to a variety of markets from domestic gardening to industrial plant production. The heads are designed so that they can be hung in storage when not attached to the handle or in use.

FINAL Prototype

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Prototyping and user testing was fundamental to the development of a design which was comfortable for use by elderly nursery volunteers. Constantly seeking feedback from users throughout the development process ensured a high level of usability and form resolution.

The Spray & Sprout is a dynamic watering solution for a brighter and greener future.

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Ashleigh Meintjes

Ashleigh's personal design practice is driven by a commitment to sustainability and an inherent desire to help people. She is incredibly passionate about utilising her design thinking and design process skills to produce products which enrich the lives of others. Inspired by the evolving world around her, she is constantly seeking out design challenges and opportunities for innovation.