SLIDER is a device that can be installed onto all types of motorcycles in order to keep the rider safer at all times. The system does that by employing key sensors that track the health of the rider and the motorcycle. The product can be paired to a mobile device and in the event of an accident emergency services will be alerted of the location and severity of the crash. SLIDER also logs and distills key analytics of all the motorcyclists trips into a user friendly format that is readable and shareable.

Semi-exploded Cad rendered view


1. Interchangeable Metal Baseplate
2. Arduino Board with Voltmeter, Gyroscope, Bluetooth, GPS
3. Heat Sink
4. Exterior Shell
5. 5mm Conduit Cables
6. Cable Connectors
7. Lid
8. Customizable Coloured Strips
9. Press Button
10. Bluetooth Light
11. Active Light
semi-open assembly view showing layout of internal components

Order of Operation

1. SLIDER is installed onto/into the motorcycle in order to track the users ability and safety rating
2. Training programs are tailored made for each rider. Bluetooth capability can be used to monitor bike and rider for a distance.
3. If a motorcycle with SLIDER installed is involved in a crash the motorcyclists is more likely to be found due to distress beacon feature
4. The emergency services are contacted in the result of a severe crash (calculated by the device or manually imputed)
5. Motorcyclist riders have more leniency with insurance companies as their safety rating goes up in the application
Cad rendered image of a black motorcycle with slider in place.

Installation options

In context cad render of Slider on a motorcycle.

William Zuill

William Zuill is an inspired Industrial Designer majoring in Architecture. He has always had a proclivity towards automotive design and 3D visualization. With an in-depth knowledge of programs such as Autodesk and Blender William is able to create succinct design solutions for a variety of niches.