Occupational Noise Induced Hearing Loss

MELD aims to fix the problem of Occupational Noise-induced hearing loss for workers in loud environments like nightclubs and concerts. Through extensive preliminary research and user testing. The final design outcome, SOULE, and SOULE XP were developed.

SOULE your hearing hero from MELD


Thesis and Research Driven Design

The research journey has been a culmination of both personal experience and recognizing the societal problem, that people don’t really actively practice hearing protection in nightlife until it’s far too late. It is through extensive exploration of this idea that presented an opportunity for design intervention. The primary node within developing this product was rooted in the system of utilizing pre-existing Australian healthcare benefits to inform and connect people with audiologists for consultation, testing, and education. The secondary point of impact was making SOULE an adaptive, technologically driven, easy to use the product for comfort, user feedback, and a sleek ergonomic design for workers in nightlife that tend to be at the highest risk due to excessive noise levels for long exposure times.

Cad images of the MELD.
Hero model photograph of the MELD
Hero model photograph of the MELD


In context mockup of SOULE XP app use.
Mockups of possible screens within SOULE XP app use.

Kudakwashe A Padya

Kuda is the sole creator behind MELD. His journey to get to this point has been a long one, with over eight passionate years of education in different artistic disciplines ranging from graphic design, photography, and most recently his diploma in Visual arts (2013). The skills and knowledge that he has obtained have all come to aid the result of his latest work yet, concluding his B. A (Hons) in Industrial Design at QUT.