The Imaginarium is a purpose-built drama therapy support tool that gives patients the ability to visualise a scenario from their past. Using an intuitive building process and the means to physically represent emotion within the scenario, the Imaginarium is a highly effective visual aid. This is all aided by the Looking Glass Holographic Display that greatly improves the patient’s immersion within the therapy session.

use case

physical aspect

First, the patient drags and drops various structures, furniture and objects into the build environment. This gives the patient an intuitive method of recreating the physical aspect of the event they want to reflect upon.

emotional aspect

Second, emotional values are added to the various people within the scene. This allows the client to visualise what feelings were evident at the time, something that is generally very hard to communicate.


The final stage is to simply reflect upon the scenario. At this point the Imaginarium has given the patient the means to create an ideal visual aid that can help them describe the scenario to a therapist.

Oscar Vickers-Marsh

Driven by a desire to design products that directly help the user, Oscar is most at home creating designs that solve real problems. Helping people through design is Oscar’s passion, something he hopes to continue doing within industry.