Home Lab

Film photography has seen a rise in recent years, with the young photographers choosing film over digital photos. Many of these photographers are interested in developing their own photos, but don't know where to start. The Home Lab is a simplified home developing and scanning kit, for photographers who want to do this process by hand. The simple design of the Home Lab means both beginners and film developing enthusiasts will love this kit.

Classic is back

A retro themed box that holds all the equipment needed for film developing and scanning.

For film enthusiasts, film developing and scanning is an extension of their photography skills. Just like how people edit photos on their phone or computer, the developing and scanning process is the editing process for film photos. Finding the right equipment for this process can be difficult, doing a little bit of research online will give you lists on lists of different equipments you will need. Many of the options on the market only offer either development or scanning, not both.

The Home Lab is the answer to confused film enthusiasts, a simple kit that has everything you need for film development. The retro aesthetic of the Home Lab, helps to keep the nostalgic love of classic film rolls such as Ektachrome 100, appealing to both new and old enthusiasts.

Inside the shell are: two 1 litre accordion bottles, daylight development tank, heating pad and film roll scanner (for both 35mm and 120mm).

The small form of the Home Lab means it can be transported on long trips or stored neatly at home. Even if the Home Lab is not in use, it can still look great on your shelf or desk.

Ryan Wong

Ryan Wong is an Industrial Designer based in Brisbane, graduating at the Queensland University of Technology. His passion is to create, and design is one of the ways in which he can share his ideas. Ryan’s creative passions also extends to photography and videography.