Clean Waste

A recycling service which focuses on the niche medical market. Clean Waste is an opt in system where soft plastic packaging is collected and turned into reusable medical equipment and purchased at a lower cost.

Clean Waste, the future of medical packaging

The future of medical packaging and medical equipment is now. Clean Waste is a recycling system which collects, shreds and then remanufactured into medical equipment such as kidney dishes and medicine cups for the hospital.

Image of some of the research conducted and analysed


For the first 14 weeks of this year, observations, interviews and walkthroughs were conducted to identify potential opportunities or issues. It was identified that 100% of participants mainly used disposable items with only 1 participant mentioning they recycle. Though these stats showed that there was minimal interests into recycling it was found through interviews that staff wanted to recycle but didn’t know how or didn’t have means of recycling. After the data had been analysed it was concluded that there was a potential for a recycling system for the packaging for medical products. This conclusion came as hospitals were throwing away all the sterile packaging for the single use items. It is a small step for waste management within hospitals, however a big reward for all staff and hospitals.
The Clean Waste system

Clean Waste System

The Clean Waste system is an opt in system where hospitals will get medical equipment back based on the packaging received. The advantage of creating a closed looped system like this, is plastic items can be reused multiple times rather than ending up in landfill. Another benefit is hospitals can purchase these items at a reduced cost. The Clean Waste system allows for hospitals to be part of a recycling system where both staff and hospitals reap the benefits of a closed loop system.
Once the plastic is shredded inside the shredders given the hospitals it will be transported back to the factory, where it will have some minor processing and then remanufactured into medical equipment. Items will be pressed manufacturing providing quality products while not producing issues to machinery as it its recycled material.
Clean Waste Bin/shredder

Styled to Fit in

The colours selected for the Clean Waste shredder have been carefully chosen to represent the company, recycling, and environmental suitability, whilst also being integrated into the hospital operating room. The colour green has been chosen as it has not been used in the operating room environment yet based on first and second hand research. The flat white was chosen for the cleanliness and because white is used throughout hospitals.

While the colours were specially selected, the form of the product has been carefully designed to fit with current trends and easily meet users needs. The curved edges allow for easy cleaning. The wide opening at the front allows for easy opening, while the height allows for it to be easily operated by all users comfortably.
Clean Waste shredder exploded view


Clean Waste shredder has been designed and optimised for hospital operating rooms. It focuses on this area as this is where the research showed a large amount of plastic packaging and where the biggest opportunity for recycling was. Though the researched focused on the hospital, staff were heavily considered within the design process. Some of the key criteria that were highlighted included safety, cutting capabilities and the products own sustainability features.

Safety –
Clean Waste is fitted with Passive Infared sensor (PIR) to allow for controlled motion detection for the swiping action. This swipping action allows for the user to start the blades for a 5 minute cycle. It is also fitted with its own circuit breaker, once the lid is open it cuts all power to the blades, creating a safe area to place rubbish.

Blade Design –
The unique blade design is made up of two sets of blades, the first being the rotational blades and the second static blades. This combination separates it from the majority of shredders on the market as now it can cut soft plastic at a constant size. The rotational blades hook the plastic pulling them over the static blades cutting them. Another great aspect about these blades is that they are replaceable, allowing for cheaper and faster repairs.

Designed for Disassembly –
The Clean Waste shredder has been designed so all parts can be removed and replaced if broken.
Sequence of use diagram

Sequence of Use

With a simple 4 step process, recycling has never been easier.

While the operating of Clean Wastes is simple so is the emptying and replacing the bag. The front door opens and gives direct access to the internal bag to be replaced.
The Value Map showing all the users and the value that they get out of Clean Waste

Providing Value for all Users

Clean Waste is a system which has targeted every user within its chain, providing them all with value.

Further Documentation

Clean Waste has been referred to as Green Waste within the documentation and video. It is currently going through a name change.

Research Documentation

Luke Foley

Luke is a sustainably conscious designer, looking at exploring the future of design based on our failure of the past.